Help for those in need in Dorset

Published: 07 December 2020

Below are a few messages/links sent from Dorset County Council, mainly about ways in which we can help those in need in Dorset. We’ve already had one about coats and warm pyjamas for Dorset children, but there is an additional one about this which gives more details about when and where you can take clothing.

There’s also a link about fostering. You may find it interesting, for example, that you can foster a child just one weekend a month, or one night a week, and alter dates to fit in with holidays and family commitments; and that 25% of foster carers are over 60.

Lastly, two links about helping others and especially older people in our community.

Here are the links:

Help keep children cosy this Christmas

Dorset joins regional campaign to recruit more foster carers

Register with help and kindness

Yule log on with the help of Dorset Council this Christmas

Best wishes,

Frances Stanford

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